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What is a Pool Fouling?

Pool Fouling incidents occur when fecal or vomitus materials contaminate the water of a pool. Pool foulings may result in an unexpected pool closure at any time, and without warning. Responses to pool fouling incidents differ based on the type and quantity of the contaminant(s), the size of the facility, and the equipment and disinfection practices used to treat the water.

Pool Fouling Procedures

We understand that accidents happen and respond promptly to any pool fouling incidents. The H2O Academy has a dedicated team of Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) who determine the appropriate response to each pool fouling and communicate the required procedures to staff and clients. This often results in a facility closure for a limited amount of time.

Facility Closure

The safety of our clients and staff are of utmost importance to us. If it is determined that the pool needs to be closed for the safety of our staff and clients, we will close the facility and cancel classes for any time necessary. Families will receive a credit for the class(es) cancelled due to the facility closure within 5 business days. Refunds may be issued upon request, but please note there is a $25 processing fee with refunds.

Client Notification

The H2O Academy will email all families affected by the facility closure at the email address(es) in your Uplifter account. Facility closures may happen at any time – before, during, or after any given day. H2O will do our best to provide families with as much advanced notice as possible. Along with an email notification, the closure will also be posted on our social media.

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