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Why does H2O use teaching tools such as SwimFins, noodles, and flippers?

Long story short is you learn properly and quicker in the end! Swimming is a process that takes time and requires repetition to learn proper technique. For details, watch this short video!

Do you offer make-up classes for missed classes?

We understand that things come up... but unfortunately, due to our small class sizes and COVID-19 we are not offering make-up classes at this point in time. Repetition is a key aspect of physical literacy in the water movement environment, so we encourage families to attend all classes. Feel free to take your child for a swim - the more opportunities, the better!

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

COVID-19 POLICY For cancellations/refunds related to COVID-19, please refer to our COVID-19 information page. GENERAL POLICY We completely understand that having to pay for one or two missed classes can be irritating, but our costs remain the same whether everyone is present or not. Therefore, H2O Academy is under no obligation to refund or transfer your money if you can’t attend part, or all, of the classes (for regular classes). You may cancel your class registration or apply a credit to your account up to 7 days prior to your first day of classes for a full refund and no cancellation fee. Any cancellation less than 7 days before the first lesson will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. If the term has started, families will be refunded for the classes not taken in addition to the cancellation fee. If payment has not been received 7 days prior to the first class, H2O reserves the right to cancel your spot and you will be notified. SwimFins can be fully refunded, exchanged, or applied as a credit to your account as long as it is in original condition with unopened packaging and returned within 14 days of purchase. The Baby videos are part of the Baby Splash class cost and are non-refundable regardless of attendance as we are still paying a professional photographer to be there on filming days.

Can my child pursue lifeguarding courses after swimming with H2O?

Yes! It is a common myth that you must achieve all of the levels in traditional types of lessons (e.g. Red Cross, YMCA) in order to become a lifeguard. WRONG! The first step to becoming certified as a lifeguard in Canada is the Lifesaving Society’s course called Bronze Medallion. The only prerequisites for Bronze Medallion are that you need to be 13 years of age. The H2O Academy prepares students’ with the technical skills to complete the pool requirements of the Bronze Medallion pool test (e.g. eggbeater, timed swims, retrievals, floating, kicking, strokes, etc.). The Bronze Medallion course will prepare those students with the lifesaving knowledge and skills.

Are you having a 2020 Fall Term?

Unfortunately, H2O will not be offering any programming this fall at the Winter Club due to COVID-19 occupancy, physical distancing, and facility restrictions. The safety and health of our families, staff, and their families is number 1. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding, as this has been an exceedingly difficult time for our company, staff, students, and families. GOOD NEWS IS… construction is not affected by COVID-19 and our facility at 400 Fort Whyte Way will be completed in December 2020! We are DEFINITELY opening in January 2021 assuming there are no major pandemic shutdowns coming from the potential second wave. We’ve already built in COVID-safe measures to ensure that we can maximize sanitation and occupancy while keeping everyone safe. January schedules, pricing, and registration details are not yet available. Stay tuned for many more updates!

Where can I find information about your COVID-19 procedures?

Visit our COVID-19 page to read about our policices, procedures, and updates. This page will be updated as we get new information.

I have a 5 year old son, is he allowed to go into the women's changeroom?

Our new facility at 400 Fort Whyte Way only has family style changerooms! Our universal locker-room is designed to accommodate all genders which is a widely popular concept in Europe. The washrooms are all single stall locked doors and there are private lockable changing stalls. It allows parents to bring children of both sexes into the common room and still have a private cubicle.

Will you guys ever go back to the Winnipeg Winter Club even after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, when we are able to safely operate in compliance with WWC aquatic policies we will offer classes at this location.