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family fast pass 

Family Fast Pass Registration for Fall is now closed. 

🌊Now introducing our Family Fast Pass for Fall 2023 Registration!🌊


Our Family Fast Pass will be available on August 21 @ 12pm, prior to priority and public registration, and is available for both families who currently swim at H2O and families who haven’t yet had the chance to swim with us.


💙What is the Family Fast Pass & How Does it Work? 💙


The Family Fast Pass is a way to help ensure successful class registration for students and families who are eager to secure their desired class date and time. As a Family Fast Pass holder, you’ll have EARLY access to class registration for the 2023 Fall Term. On top of that, H2O will handle the registration process for you! The Family Fast Pass allows registration for the whole immediate family, including all classes. The Family Fast Pass fee is $100 and covers early registration access for immediate family members included on your Uplifter account. This is in addition to tuition costs. If H2O is unable to place any students as requested on your Family Fast Pass form, you will not be charged.


💙How can you access the Family Fast Pass? 💙


On Monday, August 21 @ 12pm, simply fill out the Family Fast Pass form at, indicating your top 3 desired classes in order of preference for each family member you’d like to register and you’re done! Only one form per family is required. Please ensure all required information is saved to your Uplifter account (student profiles, contact info, billing address and credit card information) prior to filling out the Family Fast Pass.


There are only 100 class spots available to be filled through this early access, so be sure to fill out a form on Augus 21 @ 12pm so you don’t miss out. This accounts for less than 10% of the total spots being offered for our Fall Term.


Families will still be able to register on your own registration date as per usual.


Registration dates are as follows:

August 23 @ 12pm for current H2O clients (those who have swam with us before)

August 25 @ 12pm for public registration (those who have never swam with H2O before).

Please note: class age and benchmark requirements still apply to all students when using the Family Fast Pass registration option.

In the case of withdrawal, the Family Fast Pass fee is non-refundable. Class tuition is refundable as per our usual refund policy.

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