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about h20

The H2O Academy is an award-winning swim school for students’ ages 4 months to adults in Manitoba, proudly pioneering aquatic education as the first private swim school facility in the province. We provide an innovative approach to swimming lessons through our proprietary AQUA-Lit™ Curriculum©. H2O represents faster results, better quality, and superior instruction and assessment methods compared with traditional swimming lessons. AQUA-Lit™ Curriculum© is rooted in physical literacy. It creates progressive results which are enhanced by small class sizes and a unique evaluation system based on an improvement scale rather than passing and failing.

Swim School Industry Background – DID YOU KNOW?!

When we embarked on this journey of building our own facility, we learned that most people in the world, especially in the USA and Australia learn to swim in swim school pools like ours (fun fact – these 2 countries also have the most swimming Olympic medals!). There are a few swim school facilities in BC and quite a few in Ontario but it’s a relatively new concept to Canada. Our pool was built solely for the purpose of teaching people to swim. It’s a shallow, warm pool kept at the tropical temperature of 88-90°Farhenheit, so you’ll never be cold! Our pool filtration system features an enhanced UV disinfection process, the latest in commercial pool technology.


To create confident, safe, and proficient swimmers in a positive learning environment through our purposeful program.


A world where people are as comfortable, confident, and efficient in the water as they are on land.


These provide the foundation for our programming at H2O... we believe in WATER!

  • Well-rounded: Students practice meaningful and purposeful activities. It’s about developing the confidence to safely enjoy all water environments.

  • Accountable: Our AQUA-Lit™ Curriculum©, is progressive and builds upon skills. We believe in continual learning and growth, which is why we assess students on a proficiency scale rather than passing and failing.

  • Technical Proficiency: Learning is achieved through appropriate, relevant, and sequential learning experiences. We teach good habits from the beginning and focus on correct development of the basics.

  • Enjoyable: Our approach keeps students engaged and active the entire class. We use innovative equipment to encourage creativity and promote social acceptance while learning the FUNdamentals of swimming. 

  • Relevant: The needs of all students are addressed through high quality instruction that is relevant, current, and balanced to meet the developmental and age-appropriate needs. 



H2O is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all clients and employees. Our organization welcomes all people diverse in race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, and culture. As well, all staff are expected to be respectful of people with different experiences, backgrounds, and communication styles. H2O holds firm to the idea of treating all people with respect and fairness.

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