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CLASS descriptions


The H2O Academy believes that everyone deserves to have an incredible swimming experience in a fun and safe environment. Our swimming lessons are purposefully designed through our proprietary AQUA-Lit™ Curriculum© to make learning fun, build confidence, and develop technical proficiency for students ages 4 months to adults. We’re committed to teaching students the life skill of swimming through our award-winning swimming lessons!


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All new H2O clients must sign up for a Splash class within your age group. We not only place a heavy emphasis on a student's physical abilities, but their comfort and understanding of each skill as well. Our benchmarks must be confirmed in a Splash class by one of our teachers prior to registering for a Shark program. H2O reserves the right to remove students from a class if they do not meet the benchmarks or have behavioural issues that prevent participation in a class due to class management and safety reasons. A credit that never expires will be awarded. Families can also choose a refund and there is a $25 processing fee.

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