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mini tips & tricks

Mini Splash Tips & Tricks!

At H2O Academy, all students aged 3+ must enroll in our unparented Mini Splash. It is natural to be nervous about your student swimming on their own for the first time, but it is our job to ease your worries! Here are some tips & tricks to help your little one gain confidence in their first unparented class. 

1. Go to the pool!

Any exposure to the pool environment will help your student become more comfortable in their lessons. Familiarity with the pool will give your student confidence to participate in class. You can practice skills you've learned in class or simply play in the water to show them that swimming is fun!

2. Talk about swimming!

It is always best to enter a new situation with some background knowledge, and this goes for kiddos too! Let them know that they are swimming on their own now, and that you will be able to watch them from our viewing lounge. Go over some of the skills they will work on in class, and once you've met your teacher, talk about them too! Your student will know what to expect and can mentally prepare for this new experience.

3. Be confident!

Little ones pick up on everything, including your words and feelings! Keep conversation around swimming positive, encouraging, and calm. 

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