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MISS salina

Miss Salina is a teacher at H2O Academy. Swimming is one of her many passions, her love for the water has been ever-growing since she was a baby! Miss Salina is a competitive swimmer and will be swimming in her sixth year at the University of Manitoba in the junior bison program. She has competed multiple times at Junior Provincial Championships and her favourite stroke is backstroke! 

Besides swimming, Miss Salina loves to dance. In fact, she was a competitive dancer for five years and has competed and won several awards at the Canadian National Dance Championships! 

Miss Salina aspires to foster a love for swimming in her students that can rival her own and aid her students in becoming the strong, confident swimmers they can be! She is fluent in both English and French (Bonjour!), and she loves to bake (and eat) all sorts of sweets, curl up with a good book to read and of course, swim! 

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