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Water Wobbles

What are the Water Wobbles?

At H2O we sometimes have parents ask us “why has my baby suddenly stopped enjoying being in the water or engaging during swimming lessons?”

Widely known as the “Water Wobbles”, babies between 8-24 months sometimes go through a rapid developmental stage as they are learning to sit, crawl, communicate and explore their independence. These milestones are common but during this time the pool environment can seem overwhelming to a baby, and they often develop a temporary aversion to water and can be irritable and only want to be cuddled during class.

Don’t worry, this phase is completely normal and can happen even if baby has previously taken lessons and enjoyed them. The wobbles don’t last long, generally a couple weeks with babies getting right back into the swing of loving the water.

Here are some tips to help babies through the Water Wobbles.


Anxiety and panic can transfer to baby and contribute to their stress. Our teachers work to help parents feel relaxed and comfortable during our baby classes, even if baby is having a rough day, we’re a child friendly facility and aren’t at all bothered by fussy babies.

Have Fun

If baby is upset during class, our teachers will make an extra effort to introduce special toys and fun games to help both baby and parent feel more comfortable in the water and to keep the learning fun and positive. Our classes have designated social time for all the babies to splash and play games together.

Don’t push them too hard, too fast

Babies all progress at different rates so don’t compare to others. As your baby is ready, our teachers will help them move through the carefully designed progressions at their own pace. It’s important to keep baby in the water for the full 30 minutes of class as it helps them become accustomed to and enjoy the pool environment.

Swim often

Introducing babies to the water environment at a young age helps them become more comfortable and confident in the water and the pool is a wonderful opportunity to bond and spend one-on-one time between adult and baby. We have many parents who enroll in Baby Splash multiple times as both baby and adult really enjoy the pool time together!

Don’t give up!

Continuing to spend time in the pool helps babies get over the wobbles quicker and they will come out enjoying their lessons and the water again!

H2O has taught hundreds of babies over the years so remember you’re not alone, many parents can tell you their babies suffered from the water wobbles at one point in time, but it will pass, and they’ll be back to smiling and splashing throughout their lesson! Check out or Baby Videos on social media to see some underwater smiling babies who overcame their water wobbles.

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