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baby video policy

Baby Video Policy

Each student registered for our Baby Splash program receives an underwater baby video as a special and unique keepsake on their last day of classes. We absolutely love capturing this special moment between you and your baby, and know that this one of the many reasons parents choose our Baby Splash program. All underwater baby videos are filmed and edited on your last day of the designated term, unless otherwise indicated by H2O Academy. We understand that sometimes our clients are unable to make their original baby video date, and try our best to accommodate these students. For this reason, we offer one make-up video date each term, which is determined and identified within the first week of the term. All filming dates, including our make-up video date, are sent via email to our Baby Splash clients in the first week of the term to ensure maximum availability. If the student cannot attend both their original class date and the make-up video date, no further accommodations are made. There are no refunds if the client is unable to attend the underwater baby video as this is a complimentary keepsake offered by H2O Academy.

As with any organized event, unexpected circumstances do sometimes arise and at any point in the term H2O Academy reserves the right to change the designated filming dates and/or times. Unforeseen circumstances may arise in the pool environment that disrupt the ability to film underwater baby videos such as pool foulings, staff illness, unexpected maintenance requirements, equipment failure and others. We will always attempt to give advanced notice to our clients when these situations arise, and we must change the filming date. However, sometimes situations happen suddenly and expectedly. In the event that we must change a filming date, H2O Academy will schedule a new date and contact those affected with the new date(s) and time(s). If the client is not able to attend the new filming date, H2O Academy is under no obligation to offer them additional accommodations.

All underwater baby videos along with instructions on how to download the files are sent to clients on their filming day to the email associated with your Uplifter account. If for some reason you do not receive your underwater baby video please contact us. When you receive your video, make sure to download and save the files to a safe place as H2O Academy holds onto the videos for one month after our last filming date. After this date, we delete the videos from our files, and they are no longer available.

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