H2O @ HOME 2021

H2O will come to you this summer to deliver customized lessons in the convenience of your backyard pool (we do not operate in public pools, lakes, or beaches).



Lessons will operate in the summer - dates TBD.


We teach students ages 4 months to adults.



Students under the age of 3 must always be accompanied by an adult during their lesson. Students ages 3+ do not require an adult to accompany them in the water during their lesson.


As of the April 28th, 2021 revised public health orders, we will only be booking lessons with members of the same household (no outside members of the household are allowed). The teacher can be in the pool with the student but must practice physical distancing (2m apart) other than brief exchanges.

Before every lesson, the Manitoba COVID-19 Screening Tool must be completed: https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/ 

The teacher will not enter your house and must have access to the pool through an exterior gate or entrance. Teachers will wear a plastic mask and students will not wear masks as masks lose their efficacy once they get wet. At least one adult must be present during the lesson to actively watch the lesson and provide extra safety if needed due to the 2m physical distancing and can wear a mask if preferred. Equipment will be sanitized between lessons.


Lessons are purchased in 30-minute blocks and can be held in any agreed upon time slot (e.g. 30, 45, or 60 minutes). Prices include lesson fee, travel, insurance, and quality of programming. Lessons can be booked in any combination that is agreed upon between the family and H2O (e.g. once a week for 6 weeks, every weekday for a week, every Monday & Wednesday for 4 weeks, etc.).


Prices for 30-minute blocks are (plus GST):

  • Private Lessons (1 teacher, 1 student) - $60 

  • Semi-private (1 teacher, 2 students – must be from same household due to COVID-19) - $40 per person

  • Tri-private (1 teacher, 3 students – must be from same household due to COVID-19) - $30 per person


Please note if the lesson is outside of city limits there will be an additional mileage fee based on the location of the pool (contact us for more information).


Teachers will bring all equipment to your house and it will be sanitized between lessons. You also have the option to purchase your own customized equipment packs and other items below!


All lessons are non-refundable unless they cannot be rescheduled due to inclement weather and must be used by August 27, 2021. We may consider extending the summer lessons into September depending on weather conditions and staff availability.


If the client needs to cancel/re-schedule a lesson a minimum of 24 hours notice is required. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, the lesson can be rescheduled, however a $20 cancellation fee will be charged. 



The teacher will have the final decision on cancelling lessons due to inclement weather. 



Fill out the form below and the Miss Naomi, our H2O @ Home Coordinator will email you to schedule your lessons (emails will be responded to in the order they are received). Once your lessons are scheduled you will be invoiced. Your lessons will only be considered confirmed once payment is received. 

2021 H2O @ Home Registration Form

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