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social media POLICY

Social media platforms play an important role for many businesses. The H2O Academy uses social media platforms for marketing purposes, to interact with our clients, and to collaborate with other local businesses. We understand that every family has different preferences and privacy needs, and offer our social media policy optionally to our clients. All clients of H2O Academy have the option to accept or reject our social media policy. Your response to our social media policy is displayed on your Uplifter account for our staff. H2O clients have the option to update their response of our social media policy of their Uplifter page at any time.

Acceptance of Social Media Policy

By accepting our social media policy, clients allow the H2O Academy to post photos and/or videos of themselves or their student(s) to our social media platforms for marketing purposes. Names and/or personal information of clients and/or students is never used on our public social media platforms.

Rejection of Social Media Policy

Rejecting our social media policy helps us determine that the client and/or their student(s) do not want to be displayed on our social media platforms. The H2O Academy will not take photos and/or videos of clients or students who have rejected the social media policy. Please note that H2O Academy cannot control the behaviour of other members in the viewing lounge or pool areas.  

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