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Please review all the information below to make sure your registration experience is a good one!

These videos will help you with registration:

Creating your Uplifter Account Video

How to Register


  • I need help with registering! Where can I find registration support?
    Click here for registration support.
  • Where can I find your policies on refunds, facility closures, etc.?
    All of our policies are located here!
  • Which level should I register for?
    We do not have levels at H2O. Instead, all of our classes are age-based! Within our age based classes we have two streams: splash and shark. All new H2O clients must sign up for a Splash class within your age group. Our Shark classes have certain pre-requisites that must be met prior to registration. We not only place a heavy emphasis on a student's physical abilities, but their comfort and understanding of each skill as well. Our benchmarks must be confirmed in a Splash class by one of our teachers prior to registering for a Shark program. Check out all of our class descriptions here:
  • Why does H2O use teaching tools such as SwimFins, noodles, and flippers?
    Long story short is you learn properly and quicker in the end! Swimming is a process that takes time and requires repetition to learn proper technique. For details, watch this short video!
  • Do you have family style changerooms?
    Yes! Our new facility at 400 Fort Whyte Way only has family style changerooms! Our universal locker-room is designed to accommodate people of all genders. The washrooms are all single stall locked doors and there are private lockable changing stalls. It allows parents to bring students of all genders into the common room and still have a private cubicle.
  • Can my child pursue lifeguarding courses after swimming with H2O?
    Yes! It is a common myth that you must achieve all of the levels in traditional types of lessons (e.g. Red Cross, YMCA) in order to become a lifeguard. WRONG! The first step to becoming certified as a lifeguard in Canada is the Lifesaving Society’s course called Bronze Medallion. The only prerequisites for Bronze Medallion are that you need to be 13 years of age. The H2O Academy prepares students’ with the technical skills to complete the pool requirements of the Bronze Medallion pool test (e.g. eggbeater, timed swims, retrievals, floating, kicking, strokes, etc.). The Bronze Medallion course will prepare those students with the lifesaving knowledge and skills.
  • I have 2 kids in classes, can my 4 year old wait on the pool deck by themselves for their class while I'm in the water with my baby?
    No, we are not a licensed childcare centre. For safety reasons all children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult in our new facility. It is not the lifeguard's or swim teacher's responsibility to supervise children who are not actively participating in a class.
  • Can I bring a stroller into the facility?
    The parking lot is close to our front door and our facility is small, so we recommend that you bring your baby into the facility either by carrying them in your arms or in a car seat. We have ample storage for car seats in the locker room. Please do not bring strollers inside facility as we do not have storage for them, and they track a lot of dirt into the facility.
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