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Spring COVID-19 Policy Update

As a society, we are transitioning into a post pandemic world. After 2 years of pandemic, each student and staff member will have a different level of comfort with the easing of restrictions. Parents, guardians, caregivers, and staff can all model, for our students, behaviours that are supportive and accepting.

We are implementing a new COVID-19 policy for spring term that will help our clients and staff TRANSITION to normal life. This will give us the insight required to move forward with confidence and ensure we don’t slide backwards after a long 2 years of constant shutdowns and staff layoffs.

“The Omicron wave is declining, and pandemic restrictions are loosening, but the risk of COVID-19 is not gone. Living with COVID means paying attention to the current level of transmission and considering the risk to yourself and those around you. That’s our new normal, at least for now.” - Doctors Manitoba

The main risks we’ve identified are that most of our clients are under 5 years old and not eligible for the vaccine, as well, our staff are constantly interacting with people from 4-8 hours per day… if our staff are sick, there are no classes.

Effective Saturday, March 26th:

* Mask use in our facility is optional

* Teachers in the water will wear a water mask while teaching

* Water masks are optional for adults accompanying students in the water for parented classes and can be purchased at reception

* Adults must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and show proof to enter facility

* A maximum of 2 fully vaccinated adults per student can enter the facility

* Physical distance as much as possible in facility

* If you’re sick, stay home

Please visit for detailed COVID-19 policy information.

Again, this policy is a TRANSITION to normal life and is not permanent. We are hoping to resume to normal life when the risk is lower. There is no room for hurtful comments here, we know some people will be unhappy. This is temporary, it is not permanent… stay tuned.

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