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Construction on our new pool begins TODAY!

Construction officially begins TODAY on the future home of H2O Academy! Our timeline was delayed due to COVID-19, but we’re extremely proud and grateful to reach this milestone in spite of it all. We’ll be updating you often on our exciting pool building journey

FAQ: When can I register for fall lessons?

ANSWER: (Winter Club): lessons are cancelled indefinitely due to COVID-19 health, safety, physical distancing requirements, and occupancy rest

rictions. If they’re lifted we’ll communicate this, however we know a lot can change quickly so stay tuned.

ANSWER (new facility): construction at 400 Fort Whyte Way will take months, we cannot commit to running fall lessons as so much is dependent on construction. We will post constant updates on progress, timelines, and registration details.  Spring families who took the credit option will get priority registration when we re-open... but if this is not you HAVE NO FEAR, once things go back to normal, we will have WAAAAYYY more spots, hours, and days than we currently do! The good news is that we will DEFINITELY be open in January 2021!

In the meantime you can still register for H2O @ Home this summer!



PO Box 412, RPO Corydon

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3M 3V3



400 Fort Whyte Way

Oak Bluff, Manitoba, Canada R4G 0B1


200 River Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3L 0B2


204-299-6215 or 204-880-2523

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