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2021 Fall Term Info


  • August 23 - Fall Term Schedule released

  • August 27 - Registration opens at 3 pm

We will be sending an email to Summer Term students regarding accessing evaluations and class recommendations before the schedule is released. Please review the class descriptions at for details.


No swimsuit, no mask, no vax, no service. At H2O Academy we take the health and safety of our staff and clients very seriously.

For the 2021 Fall Term, we will only be allowing adults who are fully vaccinated (QR code required) to enter our facility to view classes & participate in parented classes. We will be increasing our viewing lounge capacity for parented classes, stay tuned for details.

The majority of our clients are not eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine and it is our duty to protect them & do our part to prevent a possible 4th lockdown with a looming 4th wave.

We respect everyone’s rights and beliefs, please respect ours. We are participating in the MB Healthy Hire Program.

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