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Miss Jorja is a teacher and lifeguard at the H2O Academy. Swimming has been her favourite thing to do ever since she was a baby! Her parents put her in multiple sports like soccer, ballet, tap dance etc., but nothing really stuck or made her as happy as she was when she was in the water. She started her career as an artistic swimmer when she was 7 years old. She swam competitively inter-provincially and nationally for 7 years, and represented Manitoba at the 2019 Canada Winter Games before retiring to coach and focus on school. She enjoys baking, playing the piano, and doing other water sports like diving, water  polo, and speed swimming. Her goal is to share her love for water with others and help build confident happy swimmers! She spends a lot of time baking and filling cake and cupcake orders for her baking business, teaching piano to her students, as well as caring for her crested geckos! She is currently maintaining a 95% average in her classes and will be graduating high school in 2022 with 4 extra credits in hopes to pursue a study at Red River College towards a bachelor of nursing.

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