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MISS jenna

Jenna is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, where she spent the first few years of her life. Her love for swimming can be traced back to her hometown, from its coastal beaches to her backyard pool. At four years old, she had already begun jumping in the deep end and would refuse to leave the water for hours as her parents struggled to drag her out. After immigrating to Canada in 2009, she took up competitive swimming and joined Manta Swim Club, where she trained and competed at the provincial and national level for five years. Outside of H2O Academy, Jenna is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in honours psychology as a student in the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. She loves giving back to her community, she is part of the Guild and a volunteer of Victoria General Hospital, as well as Special Olympics, and University of Manitoba Senior Isolation Prevention Program. She is a member of run club and Undergraduate Leaders in Healthcare at school, among other associations. In her spare time, she loves to paint, go for runs, spend time with family and friends, and of course, swim! 

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